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Poster: RedRavenProductions Date: Jun 26, 2013 8:33am
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1996: In May I first published my website named "Edgewater Historical Society eScrapbook" and hosted it on my "" account.

1996-1998: I informed the EHS Board Of Directors (BOD) members several times to review and comment on what I had produced.

1998: The EHS-BOD attended my presentation held at the original Chicago Library N. Broadway branch.

2000-2001; EHS-BOD approved having a website. I came up with three names for the domain name, Kathy Gemperle and Sandra Remis chose my favorite, "EdgewaterHistory"

2000-2003: I converted the Static Website of the 1990's into a Web 2.0 DataBase Driven Web-Application that was written in but not limited to these languages; ASP/VBscript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. This meant that the BOD can change content of pages that needed 24/7 up-datable in REAL TIME for the BOD. All the Logged in users have a "Role-Based" access levels.

* Calendar of Events (COE)
* Change User Passwords
* Chat Room
* COE Description
* Collectables List
* Dated/Timed and One-Time Pop-Ups: Special Event Notification
* Delete Block of Events
* Fund Level Graf Update
* Homepage Background changing depending upon view time
* Individual Volunteer Event Schedule
* Mailing List Administration
* Manager Login/Password Administration
* Message Board/BLOG
* Museum TO-DO List
* Poll and Survey
* Search the Board Of Directors Minutes
* Supporters List
* TimeLog/Status Reports
* UserID/Password Login to the MIS area
* Volunteer Event Schedule
* Volunteer List
* Volunteer Time Log and Status Reporting
* Wish List
* Much more.....

I even developed a PC based program written in PowerBuilder and migrated to Web-Forms and WPF (Visual Studios) versions that allow an authorized person to enter in the article in text format and it would automatically generate an article in HTML for the Articles Section.

If you go there click on the TOC #2 link and you'll see an earlier style of a TOC made of pure HTML

And I have a link to the 1996 version.
Tom Dwyer